Nearly completely signed Cabaret Playbill. Alan Cummings is the silver written across the yellow & Michelle Williams is the black own across the white ‘Cabaret’ lettering #musicals #broadway #cabaret #cabaretthemusical #alancumming #musicaltheatre #musicaltheater #playbill #stagedoor

Simply have to warm up for the Tony’s tonight, dah-ling! (My face is a mess so I pointed my phone out my garden instead like the awkward fecker I am) #wicked #glinda #wickedthemusical #forgood #musicals #musical #musicaltheatre #musicaltheater #broadway #tonys #tonyawards #westend #theatre #singing #music #cover #acoustic

One of my favourite Stevie songs. Sang it straight first time then went back in and harmonised with myself.

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Finally finished my beloved tube of Ruby Woo after over 2 years of constant use. Picked up a new one today and WOW look at them side by side! 💋💄👄

Channeling ‘Heathers’ realness. shot by @bsphotographylt #heathers #90s #80s #nineties #eighties #androgynous #blazer #styling #curlyhair #me #photoshoot #headshot

This is smizing..right? All credit to @bsphotographyIt

Wearing my favourite @9crowstreet dress in these snaps taken yesterday by the lovely and talented @bsphotographyIt !

I saw The Fault In Our Stars movie yesterday (A review)

*I’m not a film critic or good writer but I’m gonna try give a spoiler free review & general overview of the entire day for you all :) 

I couldn’t believe when I won the Little Infinities competition to see the movie early in Dublin 10th of May the films release here is June 20th which is the day after my school exams & the day before my trip with my friends so getting this was also incredibly convenient! I rarely ever win things & I already met John & Hank Green last year at the TFIOS Tour so I’m one lucky nerdfighter!

My plus one & I arrived slightly late but thankfully when we went in instead of the film we were greeted with John Greens face on the screen talking & thanking us for coming & even talking about Dublin itself which I thought was a really really sweet touch & then the same with Ansel & Shailene going into detail about their experience of TFIOS & their love of the characters. Afterwards we also got nice blue TFIOS t-shirts with the title of the movie etched across the whole back & “May 10th #littleinfinities” which was lovely. image

REVIEW: Then it started & honestly from the beginning to end the pacing did not let up. My emotions were up & down so much! Even more so, I’d say, than when I’ve read the book (particularly from Amsterdam onward’s). 

The Acting: Shailene fit effortlessly into the role of Hazel which I think truly shows her talent as an actress because Hazel I always felt was a very subtle character. It’s hard to please an audience of so many people who see themselves in her but I think she did a truly respectful portrayal of her, hell she made it look so easy! In fact I cannot fault any of the acting in this movie at all. For such an emotionally demanding movie everyone and I mean everyone meets the task. To risk going on too much I’ll say quickly, Ansel is perfectly dreamy & charming like Augustus has to be, with the vulnerability, childishness & fear also that we see as the movie progresses. And Nat Wolff is again brilliant (& funny!) as Issac, my favourite scene of his has to be of course in Gus’s basement after being dumped, it’s hilarious but also a little heart wrenching as he truly looked devastated & upset. I’m very excited to see him in the Paper Towns movie. Special shout out to Sam Tramell and Laura Dern as Hazel’s parents who broke my heart the most out of the movie, I can’t even type more without getting upset, okay? 

What I find remarkable about this movie is that I never thought for a second “No this is wrong, that’s not correct” I mean I know I know movies of books are a stand alone piece themselves & don’t really deserved to be reprimanded for being different. BUT this film almost eerily got it perfect to the book. I could not be happier. Think of the movie adaption of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, which I ADORED.

It did have changes (Gus’s late girlfriend is not mentioned, no scene selling the depressing swing set on Craigslist are the biggest ones that I noticed & missed) but I respected the changes & understand why they made them. Editing is great, it’s slightly quirky, their texts to each other are still there,  it’s cinematography is gorgeous, music is upbeat, acting superb, it’s genuinely funny & probably most importantly like John’s book it shows these kids are simply kids.

In my tweet to #littleinfinities I wrote one reason why I loved TFIOS is because these characters are people, they make mistakes, they’re flawed, they can hurt or piss each other off without realising it, they may be sick but that is not the only thing about them.

When Gus breaks the news to Hazel in Amsterdam, after that moment they’re still teens and say (paraphrasing) “Can we make out now?” & I love that!

That all holds still in this movie. There’s shots of Gus leg, prosthetic & without. Hazel wears her oxegen tank & so on. I love the honesty of it, I find it very important.

So guys, congratulations to the entire production, John Green and heck all of the fans of TFIOS, we got it very good. I mean really really good! 

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'What kind of overalls does Mario wear?'


Yep, I laughed out loud

I love the “oh no” like he fucking knows he’s going to hear a shitty ass joke

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Willkommen backstage at Broadway’s Cabaret, starring Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming, where the night is young and the show has just begun.

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